Since version 2.8 of the Mosaic Deluxe software, the floor plans are generated in Adobe Pdf format instead of being printed on paper. Here are the many advantages of this solution:

Thanks to our solution you will be able to:

– Save paper and ink, which is environmentally friendly and good for the planet.

Send your installation plans by email to the mosaic workshop.

Sell the Pdf laying plan of your mosaic on Amazon or eBay.

– Store the installation plan very securely in the cloud, the Pdf installation plan do not deteriorate over time.

– Have access to all of your Pdf laying plans on your computer in just a few clicks.

– Have a Pdf laying plan is easier to handle than the many printed sheets as in the previous version.

– View the installation plan on a digital tablet or laptop when you make the mosaic.

You can give us your feedback on the use of installation plans in Pdf format at using our contact form.


Installation plan on a Samsung tablet